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It's a fact that alarms deter burglars from homes
An alarm is the first step to deterring unwanted visitors and protecting your property from the risk of burglary. Band Systems are a trusted by leading alarm manufacturers Orisec to provide customers with the latest tested and proven alarm systems.
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5 easy ways to control your alarm system
Burglar Alarms Reading
Using the keypads
Use your personal access code to your keypad to take control of the alarm system. Orisec have design and manufacturered a wide range of high quality keypads to suit any interior.
Using the keyfobs
Both the two and four button keyfobs allow you to remotely set and unset your alarm system from an exceptional range. The keyfobs can even be used for other triggers, such as, opening garage doors or gates, switching off lights and much more.
Burglar Alarms Reading
Burglar Alarms Reading
From the main control panel
The control panel is the command centre of your system.
These too have been designed to suit any interior with a range of different finished.
Burglar Alarms Reading
Proximity tags
The Orisec procimity tag is discreet and compact that works with any of the keypads or NFC readers, providing a simple and easy method for setting and unsetting the alarm system.
Through the smartphone app
Orisec has developed a range of iOS and Android apps that provide users with full access to the contorl panels so that you can remotely set and unset the alarm system from anywhere.
Burglar Alarms Reading
Full access to your intruder alarm system, anytime, anywhere
With the latest alarm technology from Orisec, we can provide the very best protection to you. These intelligent alarms can even interact with various other security systems and provide security updates directly to your smartphone. As a flexible system they can be simplified to work perfectly in homes. The alarm is ideal to providing the essentials for daily use and complete peace of mind.
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Burglar Alarms Reading
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Wireless technology
The wireless technology that Orisec uses in their burglar alarms allows for a simple, fast and reliable installation without the need to run cables throughout your property.
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Shock detectors
Shock detectors are the perfect solution for detecting an intruder very early. These alarm systems detect any impacts or shock on windows or doors.
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Remote connectivity
Orisec offers a fantastic app, that is simple to use and allows users to arm, disarm and even only active sections of the alarm system directly from their Smartphone.
Burglar Alarms Bristol
Covert accelerometer
The wireless covert accelerometer means that you can be alerted when an object is moved. This is perfect for high-value items and is hard to see at just 25mm wide.
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Alarms Reading
Alarms Reading
Alarms Reading
Alarms Reading
Smarter security for businesses
and home owners alike
With a wealth of experience, unrivalled product knowledge and a vast range of fire and security systems at our disposal, Band Systems can find the right solution to fit your
budget and requirements.
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